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Co-Founders Crista & Lisa talk about what is still on their mind when their head hits the pillow.

My Little Secret

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 

Posted by Crista Sellman-Jones, Co-Founder
Satin Pillowcases is the secretOver thirty years ago, my grandmother let me in on a little family secret- a beauty secret that had been passed through our family since the Golden Age of Hollywood. She gave me my first satin pillowcase that she had carefully made with her own hands and told me that “it would keep me from getting wrinkles when I was older, and help to grow my hair long and beautiful.” At the age of three, I really didn’t care about any beauty benefits that this bubble-gum pink, soft and silky pillowcase would bring me when I got older. I just loved how it felt on my face, and quickly began a life-long habit of “wiggling” the satin between my fingers to soothe me into falling asleep at night (which I am embarrassed to say that I still do!) Every year thereafter, the one Christmas gift I could count on receiving from Grandma was a satin pillowcase. Sometimes they were wild colors like peach and green, mauve and hot pink, and sometimes were embroidered with flowers or my name, but always they were made especially for me and each member of my family with much love as my grandmother’s Christmas gift to each of us. I still have many of the satin pillowcases that she has made me over the years, though they have been “wiggled” into near shreds on the ends, and have been laundered thousands of times, I just can’t seem to part with them!

Our family beauty secret was even shared with Hollywood starlets during the Golden Age. My great aunt, Amy, was a hair stylist to some of the most famous women of this era, and used to tell them to sleep on a satin pillowcase to maintain their “finger waved” hairstyles that took her hours to create. I have dozens of autographed photos that these elegant and timeless women gave to my aunt to thank her for helping to maintain their beautiful hairstyles. We proudly display these autographed photos in our Satin Serenity booth at trade shows.

Today, many Hollywood celebrities still rely on their satin pillowcases to minimize sleep lines on their face, maintain moisture balance in their hair and skin, and decrease hair damage. Kelly Ripa recently told the “Live with Regis & Kelly” audience that she always sleeps on a satin pillowcase, and suggested that Regis get one so that his hair wouldn’t be so messy in the mornings. Kathy Lee and Hoda were also telling the “Today Show” viewers about the benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase, and Kim Kardashian shared with People Magazine that she relies on a Kardashian family secret for keeping skin supple while she sleeps. "I think we all have satin pillows that we sleep on," she revealed to People. "It helps you to not get as wrinkled." (See Satin Serenity featured in People with Kim Kardashian in our News & Press page.) 

Beauty professionals today still recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase for maintaining beautiful hair and skin. Philip Pelusi, Pittsburg-based owner of 13 salons and creator of the Phyto-Life Hair Care line, says to “Keep your strands healthy and smooth by replacing your cotton pillowcase with a satin one. Cotton has rougher fibers that grip and catch your hair. Satin causes less friction [and static] as the hair moves against the pillow, which means less damage and breakage-especially for people who already have weak or damaged hair,” Pelusi tells Shape Magazine, in an article titled “Smoother Hair Overnight.” And cosmetic surgeons to the stars, twin brothers Dr. Roberto and Dr. Maurizio Viel, passionately believe you can reverse the aging process without going under a knife. In an article titled “Discover a Younger You” in the Belfast Telegraph, the surgeons say to “Sleep your way to beauty-avoid skin wrinkles by switching your pillowcases to silk or satin, as they minimize wrinkles.”

Now that I am in my late 30’s, I am so grateful to my grandmother for getting me hooked on satin pillowcases at such an early age. I truly believe it is the single most important thing I have done for my skin, and will always be my best beauty secret. I am so honored to carry on my family tradition through Satin Serenity.

What are your family beauty secrets? Share them with us!

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