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Articles from Health and Beauty Professionals Regarding Sleeping on Satin…


Cosmetic surgeons to the stars, twin brothers Dr. Roberto and Dr. Maurizio Viel, passionately believe you can reverse the aging process without going under a knife. “Sleep your way to beauty-avoid skin wrinkles by switching your pillowcases to silk or satin, as they minimize wrinkles.”  Belfast Telegraph.  Feb. 10, 2007. Daily Features article – “Discover a Younger You.” 

Turkish researchers report that “stomach sleepers can develop facial wrinkles due to years of friction between bedding and skin.  If  that’s your style, switch to satin pillowcases.”  Men’s Health.  January/February 2008.  “5 Ways to Prevent a Breakdown.”    

Sleep on satin pillowcases, especially if you have dry or curly hair.  Regular cotton fabrics create friction, which ruffles the cuticle and makes hair frizzy.  In Style Magazine’s book Getting Gorgeous.  2004. 

Cheryl Renella, aesthetician to the stars and founder of Channing’s Day Spa in Chicago, advises sleeping on satin prevents premature wrinkling.  Cotton, especially percale-which has a thread count of 220 or more, is such heavy fabric that it can cause creases in your face.  To prevent premature wrinkling, use satin or silk pillowcases which will also protect your hair from breaking if you do a lot of tossing and turning.”  Fit Magazine. Mar. 2005. 

Shape.  Aug. 2004.  “Smoother Hair Overnight.”  ‘Keep your strands healthy and smooth by replacing your cotton pillowcase with a satin one,’ suggests Philip Pelusi, Pittsburg-based owner of 13 salons and creator of the Phyto-Life Hair Care line.  ‘Cotton has rougher fibers that grip and catch your hair.’ Pelusi says. ‘Satin causes less friction [and static] as the hair moves against the pillow, which means less damage and breakage-especially for people who already have weak or damaged hair.’ 

Jet.  May. 2003.  “Beauty to Go:  Quick Tips for When Time is Short.”  Shield hair with satin.  A cotton pillowcase is kryptonite to your hair.  It absorbs moisture, making hair dry and brittle and the friction from your head rubbing against the cotton pillow causes kinks, frizzies, and split ends in your hair.  Fortunately there’s satin to the rescue!  A satin case lets your locks sweep gently across the pillow without tangling and matting, which keeps your mane salon-fresh and cuts down styling time in the morning.   

‘Many people with long hair find that cotton will actually rob their hair of moisture while they are sleeping.  Other people feel that cotton is rough and scratchy, especially when the tread count is less than 250, and the cotton will be scratchy and damaging on the delicate strands and ends.  If sleeping on satin pillowcases helps prevent tears or splits to the hair ends, it’s a small price to pay.’  “Ask Karen.” Aug.  1998.   

Essence.  Oct.  2001.  “Celeb Secrets:  65 Ways to Look Fabulous – Guaranteed.”  Hair pro Neeko, taught singer Macy Gray to use a satin pillowcase (cotton ones sap moisture and encourage split ends) for healthier tresses.