Face Mask Filters
filters for face mask

Face Mask Filters

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Soft Cuddle fabric tube to cushion the elastic strap and avoid soreness on the back of ear.

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Filters (4 pack)- Limited Supply- for healthcare workers & immune compromised people only at this time.  A non-woven, bonded, water resistant material to provide an extra layer of protection. Includes 4 filters. Face mask not included. 

Do not launder as it breaks down the protective barrier. Viruses can live on cloth surfaces for 3 days, so remove your filter (with gloves on or wash hands immediately after) and place in a safe place out of reach for a minimum of 72 hours before using again. 

What is Satin?

Satin is a weaving technique applied to many different types of fabrics including polyester, nylon, acetate, rayon, silk, and cotton. However, the term satin is typically used to describe a synthetic material that is woven in this technique. Satin is most often made from polyester or acetate.

Not all satin is created equally!

We’re sure you have all felt satin that is super thin, abnormally shiny, and incredibly slippery, which is what many low quality satin pillowcases are made from. We know- we have felt and tested out every type of satin available, and there are a lot made of poor quality satin out there! Satin Serenity uses the finest Peau de Soie satin, which has just the right amount of sheen to protect your hair and skin from nightly tossing and turning without being too slippery. Peau de Soie means "skin of silk" in French, which is fitting since satin decreases the sleep lines on the face that eventually turn into permanent wrinkles and helps to maintain the natural moisture in your skin with it's low absorbency. 

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