Our Story

Four generations of sleeping on satin

Over forty years ago, my grandmother let me in on a little family secret- a beauty secret that had been passed through our family since the Golden Age of Hollywood. She gave me my first satin pillowcase that she had carefully made with her own hands and told me that “it would keep me from getting wrinkles when I was older, and help to grow my hair long and beautiful.” At the age of three, I really didn’t care about any beauty benefits that this bubble-gum pink, soft and silky pillowcase would bring me when I got older. I just loved how it felt on my face, and quickly began a life-long habit of “wiggling” the satin between my fingers to soothe me into falling asleep at night (which I am embarrassed to say that I still do!) Every year thereafter, the one Christmas gift I could count on receiving from Grandma was a satin pillowcase. Sometimes they were wild colors like peach and green, mauve and hot pink, and sometimes were embroidered with flowers or my name, but always they were made especially for me and each member of my family with much love as my grandmother’s Christmas gift to each of us. I still have many of the satin pillowcases that she has made me over the years, and although some are over thirty years old and have been laundered thousands of times, I just can’t seem to part with them. Today, my daughter Lola is a 4th generation satin pillowcase sleeper and is already hooked!


Co-Founder, Crista with grandmother Bonnie, mother Cathy, & daughter Lola.

A family tradition that began over 75 years ago

Grandma began making satin pillowcases in the mid-1940’s to keep herself occupied while grandpa was in the army and deployed to Japan during WWII. She initially used an old treadle sewing machine (which she still has) but eventually updated to a modern sewing machine which she used to sew literally thousands of pillowcases over the last 75 years. She taught me to sew when I was a young girl, and I began making my own satin pillowcases as gifts for my friends.    

A family beauty secret passed down from the Golden Age of Hollywood 

Our family beauty secret actually began with Hollywood starlets during the Golden Age. My great aunt, Amy, was a hair stylist to some of the most famous women of this era, and used to tell them to sleep on a satin pillowcase to maintain their “finger waved” hairstyles that took her hours to create. It was her duty to keep her starlets looking dazzling both on and off the silver screen. I have dozens of autographed photos that these elegant and timeless women gave to my aunt to thank her for helping to maintain their beautiful hairstyles both on and off the silver screen. We proudly display these autographed photos in our Satin Serenity booth at trade shows. We have Aunt Amy to thank for sharing this timeless beauty secret with grandma all those years ago and beginning a family tradition that is still going today.          An autographed picture to Aunt Amy from her starlet client, Gloria Shea.

Satin Serenity founded in 2004

As an adult, I continued to give pillowcases as gifts and gave one to my best friend, Lisa Damron who quickly fell in love with it. At the time, we were working together as paramedic partners on an ambulance handling 911 emergency calls throughout the county. Since we worked so well together, we began dreaming about starting our own business. In 2004, we decided to throw caution to the wind and do just that. We wanted our business to be something we both loved and that everyone seemed to want- satin pillowcases. We knew that the satin pillowcases sold in department stores were of very low quality, and felt more like plastic than the lush beautiful satin that our family had always used for our pillowcases. Also, no one was obviously marketing satin pillowcases as a beauty product instead of bedding. Our plan was to create a satin pillowcase of a quality that no one had ever seen before, and market them as a beauty product to be sold in salons, spas, retail boutiques, and our own website.    

A timeless beauty secret shared with you

Today, Satin Serenity Pillowcases can be found in fine salons, spas, and retail boutiques nationwide, and have been recommended by top beauty experts from hair stylists to cosmetic surgeons. Our products have been featured in numerous magazines, talked about on TV, and even used by a USA Presidential family. Over the years we expanded our product line to include Satin Travel Pillows, spa treatment table linens, and spa apparel. We recently added a new line of luxury satin pillowcases called Starlet Satin in order to showcase our Old Hollywood roots. Starlet Satin Pillowcases feature stunning packaging and our own custom created satin. We are so proud to continue our family beauty secret through Satin Serenity & Starlet Satin and look forward to providing you with the most luxurious satin products for years to come!

Now it’s your turn to pass on this timeless beauty secret!

Sweet Dreams,

Crista & Lisa, Co-Founders of Satin Serenity