Satin Pillowcases for salon & spa retail

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We often hear from hair stylists & estheticians “I have recommended satin pillowcases to my clients for years!” And yet, their salon or spa does not offer satin pillowcases for retail purchase. Strange, right? Imagine all of the retail revenue they could have been receiving from a product that they have been recommending for years! It’s well known that satin pillowcases reduce hair damage & breakage and are highly recommended for the care of hair extensions. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a product that would keep your client’s hair extensions looking beautiful for a longer period of time? Estheticians also recommend satin pillowcases to their clients- especially the ones that have sleep lines forming on their faces. We’ve heard from many that they can usually tell which side of the face their clients sleep on. Also, since satin isn’t absorbent, it doesn’t absorb all of the applied night cream and natural moisture from the skin as cotton does. Why sell your client an expensive night cream, only to have it all absorbed into their cotton pillowcase?

Satin Pillowcases are obviously a perfect fit for salon & spa retail. But why should you choose our Starlet Satin Pillowcases? Well, for starters, our pillowcases are Made in the USA (Boise, ID) with a premium Peau de Soie satin that has just the right amount of sheen to protect the hair and skin from nightly tossing & turning. We also gorgeous packaging, shelf talkers, a low minimum order requirement, and excellent customer service! Our satin pillowcases are popular gift items for weddings, birthdays, and of course as holiday gifts.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale satin pillowcases for your salon, spa, or retail boutique, Contact Us today! For additional information about wholesale ordering, click here.

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