Something Old, Something New...

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Something Old.  Just like fine wines get better with time, so do many other things. You don't arrive at that "wise old age" without learning and improving. Well that's exactly what we, Satin Serenity have done.  For the last fourteen years of being in business we have been learning, growing, changing, and evolving into this amazing company that creates and manufactures beautiful satin pillowcases and other luxury satin products.  Of the many things that we have learned, one of the most important is listening -   listening to what your customer's are saying and adjusting to meet their needs. 

Something New.  We are extremely excited to announce some upcoming changes as well.  Satin Serenity has added a few new and trendy pillowcase colors.  We are also thrilled to introduce our new website with its beautiful layout, easy to navigate menus, great content, and quick checkout. There are many more exciting new things in the making...and we'll keep you posted on those details.

Something Borrowed.  Of course, we would not be where we are today without the borrowed beauty secret from our co-founder Crista's Great Aunt Amy, a hairstylist in the 1930's and 1940's,  who recommended to her elite Hollywood clientele to sleep on a satin pillowcase for gorgeous skin and lustrous hair. Crista also borrowed the art of crafting these luxury pillowcases from her Grandmother who had sewn them as gifts for her and her family for over 75 years. These borrowed secrets and ideas are our foundation and keeps us moving forward to give honor to the endearing history of our company. 

Something Blue.   Back by popular demand is our Satin Body Wraps in new colors including our Soothing Aqua which is similar to Tiffany Blue - a popular and trending color.  We are also offering Whisper White, Tranquil Tan, and Serene Silver. Our body wraps have been a favorite for individual purchases as well as for spa retail and operations.  We're so happy to be able to provide these wraps again and continuing our mission to create and craft exquisitely beautiful satin products. 

We want to thank our old customers who have been with us throughout the years.  Thank you for your support as we have learned and grown.  And thank you and welcome to our new customers.  We are happy to assist you, answer questions, and make your shopping experience easy.    

Sweet Dreams,

Lisa Damron, Co-Founder 

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